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   Sunspot Piper
   Sunspot Easter
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   WL's Baby Grand

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Our broodmares are from traditional Appaloosa bloodlines and produce great quality foals with abilities to be used in work, show and pleasure.   We have had many great mares over the past 25 yrs.   We have been fortunate to find several excellent broodmares from the Sundance F-500 and Sunspot Revel bloodlines.  

Jasper's Raisin
for sale $2000
ApHC 589985
CRHA 6099 N
SBC 1265D
93% FPD

JCA Sun Harmony
for sale $3000
ApHC 615734

Sunspot Easter
ApHC 637259

Foxtails Sunset
ApHC  495700
CRHA 6097 O
SBC 1266D

WL's Baby Grand
ApHC 257436
photo taken May 2003

WL's Baby Grand


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Jasper's Raisin, 93% FPD, ApHC 589985, CRHA 6099 N, SBC 1265D. This beautiful dark brown foundation bred leopard mare was foaled 4/18/2000 from Ulrich Jasper# 467679 and Bambi Doll Dancer #436530. She has a great build, good bone structure a beautiful head and has nice movement and an excellent temperament. This fine young mare comes from excellent foundation bloodlines and is 93% FPD.   She is 4 times to Sundance 500, 2 times to Red Eagle, 2 times to Ulrich Many Coups, 3 times to Bambi E, 3 times to Navajo's Candy, 3 times to Jaquin, Holiday Dancer, Patches, Peter K, and Ben Buzz. She has many of the foundation greats from the past and the O'Bryant Ranch is looking forward to producing great quality foals when she is crossed with our Sunspot Revel bloodlines.  This colorful spotted mare has produced three beautiful foals for us. She produced my current breeding stallion Sunspot Repete, the yearling colt Sunspot Pete Jr and mare Sunspot Easter. She will make an excellent brood mare and is a very gentle mare to handle. 
For Sale ~ $2000
JCA Sun Harmony, bay leopard, foaled March 2002, ApHC 615734, nice disposition, small bay spots, concentrated Sun Appaloosa bloodlines goes 4 times to Sunspot Revel F 1904, 8 times to Sundance F 500, 2 times to Patchy Jr, 2 times to Bambi E, 2 times to Sonseeray. This fine mare has produced three colorful foals for the OBryant Ranch. She stands 15-1 hands and is a small dime sized spotted bay leopard that has crossed well with two different appaloosa stallions.
For Sale ~ $3000
Sunspot Easter, 2005 filly from Jaspers Raisin and Sunspot Pete. She is 100% FPD by ApHC standards, and a grandaughter of Sunspot Revel F1904. Her ApHC registration is # 637259 foaled on 3-27-05 
Foxtails Sunset
WL's Baby Grand, 1976-2007, ApHC 257436, stands 15-2 hands, bay leopard. This mare was produced by Lee Warne of Onida, South Dakota and comes to the OBR from the Way Lo Acres older appaloosa program. We were fortunate to discover this treasure that Wayne and Lois Wyant had kept hidden for so long. She has Sundance F500 2 times in her fourth and fifth generations, and is a granddaughter of the famous Lee Warne stallion Bambi E F2497. Lee Warne's program produced her dam, Sully's Baby Grand # 16062 a champion show mare, by Bambi E and her great grand sire Sully's Pattern by Bambi E. Her sire Sully's Lancer was out of Sully Sunshine by Sully's Pattern. Her pedigree includes many of the famous Sundance F500 bloodline greats and reads like a who's who of the 1950's and 1960's. Dehaan, Palemoon T608, Morgans Leopard, Woodrow Sheik, and PVF's Butterfly. She has produced 12 ApHC registered foals to date.

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