O'Bryant Aussies


OBryants Red Rebel Drifter

O'Bryant Ranch
Australian Shepherd Sire

OBryants Red Rebel Drifter
AKC, NSDR registered
ASCA E154170
Red Tri Male


Sire side Zias Tuff Enough Robin CD STDd OTDs RTDs DNA-CP Zias Take Five CH Silverledge Slide Me Five STDc
Silverledge Pincie Creek Drifter DNA-CP CH Brushwood Buckeye Charm CD ATDds OTDs STDh
Slash V Steel Me Five CH Silverledge Slide Me Five STDc
Wyatts Then There Was Jake Slash V Steel Curtain
Silverledge Bandit DNA-CP Silverledge Charlie Russell DNA-CP Taylors Luke the Drifter CDX
Colorado Am I Blue
Silverledge Catfoot Lady Zias Heartbreaker
Slash V Steel Me Five
WTCH Pincie Creek Osceola PATDCS RD RTDCS WTCH Hangin Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
Pincie Creek Sioux of True Grit DNA-CP STDs Hangin Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet Sis WTCH Slash V Spirt of Aggieland RDg
Slash V Paper Doll
Pincie Creek Tres Manchas STDcds WTCH Hangin Tree Blue Bear CD PATDcs RD RTDcs WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP
Hangin Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds Hangin Tree Partner STDcds
Slash V Cherry Cola

Dam side WTCH Twin Oaks Jim Bowie RDDNA- WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson RTDcs RDX DNA-VP WTCH The Bear of Twin Oaks CD DNA-CP
Wyatt's Winchester Blue Cody WTCH Twin Oaks Poky Cody STDs OTDcd DNA-CP
Twin Oaks Tiara OTDcd ATDd Las Rocosa Rogue OTDc
Wyatt's Lace Blue Libby CH Twin Oaks Spinner STDd
Chevreherd Wood Peg Chevreherd Out'a the Woods Sprogs Harlequin Bear DNA-CP
Kel-Mars Jessica
Kel-Mars RC Rippin Ruby DNA-CP Cloud 9s Brumby of Kel-Mar
Texas Sands KM Ruffian Cain CD STDc ATDds
Silverledge Pincie Creek Drifter DNA-CP Silverledge Bandit Zias Take Five
Ruths Slash V Silver Drifter Slash V Steel Me Five
Zias Tuff Enough Robin CD STDd OTDs RTDs   Silverledge Charlie Russell 
Silverledge Catfoot Lady 
Carolines Blackfoot Slash V Blackfoot DNA-CP Slash V Easy Goer 
Zias Buckeye Charmer
Sugars Red Magic Dakota Red
Carolina Magic

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