Sunspot Texas Star pedigree


Sunspot Texas Star (SOLD)

Sire side Sunspot Revel
ApHC F- 1904
Revel Jr
ApHC F-1728
Sunspot Pete
ApHC 377232
Rocking Chair Sun Dance
CRHA 1381-M
ApHC F- 587
OBR Sunspot Repete
ApHC 619687
Skip-A-Rue's Moon
ApHC 277943
Plaudit's Skip-A-Rue
ApHC T 220205
Flying Susie-M
ApHC 178368
Ulrich Jasper
ApHC 467679
Ulrich Monarch
ApHC 412031
Jasper's Raisin
URU Leopard Jewel
ApHC 260885
Bambi Doll Dancer
ApHC 436530
Comets Holiday Dancer
ApHC 152594
Skipalong Bambi
ApHC T215464

Dam side Ma's Sun Eclipse
ApHC T351233
Marsh Acres Rocky
ApHC 226586
Ma's Sun Phantom
ApHC 558144
Marsh Acres Sun Dial
ApHC T213236
JCA Sun Harmony
ApHC 615734
Ma's Sun Daisy
ApHC 394835
Ma's Sun Rocket
ApHC T252391
Rebel's Darleaha
ApHC PC2987
Marsh Acres Red Sun
ApHC T186274
Sunspot Revel
Ma's Sun Happy
ApHC 394822
Brenta Lea
ApHC T112454
Ma's Sun Image
ApHC T290543
Sundance's Pokadotted Marshan
ApHC 96543
Marsh Acres Sugar
ApHC T268541

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